about attending adult watercolor art tuition in KL

It took me so long to find a part time art class in KL and all my classmates said the same thing on the first day of tutorials.

So for those who are interested, I hv appended a link of this very lovely place where under the expert guidance of Ms Shia Yih Yiing, I am having so much fun reconnecting with my  art itch that never went away.

The location : MIA ART Centre, Jalan Ampang course details link

Though MIA's brochure will give a rather detailed description of their course content, as a working adult who have not touched art pencils, paper or brushes for a long time…..many of us were ill prepared what to expect.

this is some output of what I learnt from 4 months' tutorials:

If you like to read about my real time experiences lesson by lesson, do click the links below:

MIA's adult art classes for  introductory stage :

Lesson 1  drawing in pencil
Lesson 2 drawing in charcoal
Lesson 3 gesture drawings
Lesson 4 color wheel
Lesson 5 color schemes
Lesson 6 flat and graded wash
Lesson 7 wet on dry, wet on wet , more exercises on flat and graded wash
Lesson 8  our first still life, free hand water coloring
Lesson 9  attempting details of leaves
Lesson 10 creating watercolor textures
Lesson 11  evaluating art styles
Lesson 12  painting flowers close up
Lesson 13  study deep fields, skies in horizon
Lesson 14  study shallow fields, still life against patterned background
Lesson 15 painting treescape and jungle canopy

Have fun reading and if you like, drop me some comments too~
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cloud 9 said...

hello dear

i am so keen to join this art class. i wonder, do they have class on weekend?

michelle's blue planet said...

hey cloud 9, sorry for late reply…was traveling :).
pls click on the course details link and you will find all relevant contacts for the teacher/course where you can call them directly to check whats the latest MIA is offering for 2012 :D
All the best on yr art journey

AsyikinZ said...

Hey michelle.. I was wondering if maybe u can tell me the estimated cost for the whole art class; from beginners to the end(including art supplies)... & how long does it take? I'm a college student, so, i need to know how much money i should save up for the class..: ) thanx..

AsyikinZ said...

Btw, i was hoping dat maybe u can send the answer to tis email add. It's naskyn at yahoo dot com. Thanx again!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michell, i am a parent of a 15 year old who is very much interested in animation and illustrations. Do you know of any weekend classes i can sent him to. TQ Anne

newsmart_Girl'97 said...
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newsmart_Girl'97 said...

Hi!I'm Wai Mun, can I know the adult art class still available?

Eldercare said...

Dear Sir
I am opening an elderly care centre and would like to decorate my centre with some large art pieces based on your work.
Do u have any large prints that I can buy from you?

Really appreciate your response.
Thanking you
Brian Eldercare