Thursday, March 18, 2010

tai chi hand movements in art? - lesson 3 at MIA, Art Centre

Ms Shia handed out to each of us, 10 sheets of white newsprint paper measuring 30" x 24"…..and the question "do u want to be free?"
Empty bottles strewn all over the desk and choosing either charcoal or oil pastels….our exercise today was to imagine how a blind person would visualize the shapes on paper and create a mass drawing of 3 bottles standing upright~ then in disarray...

"Loosen your muscles, draw the shapes as big as possible , use as many different strokes ….no repetition ok and stand up to draw if you want to"

Which we all did with much giggling as we put into practise our biggest tai chi strokes!

I had been dead tired this morning on account of our tiring journey back from Redang late last night.
This morning's free hand and fast paced series of different strokes lifted me …..
what a productive morning indeed as we went from mass drawing to geometrical to contour lines all within the span of 1 hour.
Can't wait for next week when finally , woo hoo we are going to get to play with color pencils~

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