Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lesson 14 shallow field, painting patterns

Never ever say never to something unless you give it a try first …., that was the lesson that I learnt from today's painting session , trying shallow field~ a study of still life against a patterned background~

I had always avoided painting patterns, deeming the exercise too tedious .

When told to bring a pattern cloth/wall paper/ wrapping paper with an object… intention was to bring the simplest item I could think of...which was my sunglass and my art pouch!

To make it more challenging, Ms Shia suggested adding another element , a box of color pencils, sunglass pouch, watercolor box…..aiyo, this is gonna turn out to be a major headache, I thought !

So Ms Smarty Pants ~ me ~ quickly opted for my pencil case because it was boxy and should be easier to paint~

Cracking hard on how to position all 3 items so as to best capture some lighted and dark areas on a white cloth….all the while worrying over the challenge of painting all of them juxtaposed in front of my eyes~

I decided to start with a uniform sweet pink wet on dry wash and whilst waiting for it to dry….mmmmm I made myself a cup of 3-in-1 Malacca White Coffee , had a bite of Danish pastry……stretched my legs before I sat down again to further tackle the assignment.

Eh, eh eh ….I was soon engrossed over painting every little details, every nuance of light and designs.

No one could be more surprised than myself that I actually experienced so much pleasure from today's lesson!!! Hahahaha….

My class was supposed to end at 12.30pm but even when the afternoon session students started coming in, it was very nice of Ms Shia to allow me to stay on till 3 pm to complete my art piece , even checking in on my work every now and then~~

first draft completed at MIA classroom

I was pretty satisfied with the outcome of the sunglass with the art pouch but I didnt like what I had done with the little pencil case at all~ it somehow distracts rather than adds to the picture, in which case it has no reason being there !.

How best to salvage my 4 hours' hard work? That was what occupied my mind while driving home...munching on my slices of crunchy guava!

I decided to modify the pencil case into another patterned small bag with colors that complement my red roses and sunglass….
While still feeling inspired , I quickly strewn a scarf for referencing and proceeded to set up the easel to finish my art.

the finished artwork
15.5" x 11.5" on 200 gms acid free cold press paper
© michellechoong_khoo

aaaaah, I think this works so much better…..wouldnt you agree? ;D

Oooops, I even forgot to eat my lunch!

Wow, painting is to be encouraged if it makes me stick to my diet, what a pleasant extra incentive my new hobby has turned out to be~ good good good , Goody!

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