Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oil Painting " The selfie icon"~ michellechoongkhoo

Ready for signoff, framing and hanging up in our hall of love !

How did we get here? 

stage 1 : using water mixable oils to map out the tonal values :

stage 2: slowly adding  thin layers of oils using linseed medium


More art lessons or continue with self learning~ michellechoongkhoo

Recently, my arty farty MIA classmate, invited me to join into a class on portraiture.
I was so tempted but alas timing clashes.
And truthfully the prospect of weekdays morning to rush into KL's CBD district does sound sane to retired slack souls !

So I guess I shall resort back to plodding along, trial and error and referencing from other artists .
Thus it was that Jon's eye catching selfie shot caught my eye...
As they say, good art starts with fab good stills.
Aha,  this dramatic photo in my opinion fits the bill!

Oil painting is definitely not my first love. 
As I plodded along I started to remember why I always defer starting on oils and why there's all those incomplete pieces sitting in the archive box! 
But as with any labor of love, the special meaning of the piece kept me focused and determined to complete this one! 
It is going to be a long process.... 
Stay tuned 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

art is like an old fren~michellechoongkhoo

I feel like I have been away from my paints and brushes for ages .
Yet when I brought them out from their storage to do some practise, it feels like I have never stopped loving them.
you know in the way that conversations with old old frens are like?
How, we may not meet and talk often with good friends but even after a a long absence , conversations can take off like a plane lifting off the runway , as if we had left off from just yesterday or an hour ago?

So it is exactly , this way how I feel when I suddenly feel an irresistible urge to just paint , nervous and yet it felt sooooo familiar.
And it was a lovely feeling , smiles.

why did I suddenly feel like painting after so many months without inspiration?

I chanced upon this truly beautiful video of Stanislav Steif painting on youtube !
It was so mesmerizing, I actually sat thru the entire 1hr 45mins in one sitting!
Here's the link to his fantastic art , seeing is believing, you have got to view it to know what I mean by beautiful art
you tube link :  Steifart

Thus , that's how I went to dig up my materials on a Monday , pouring dogs and cats which meant I couldnt go to the office... and I tried a few warm up water color exercises:

Tomorrow, I shall upload my oils attempts :)