Monday, March 29, 2010

color eyesight~michellechoongkhoo

Lesson 4 was an exercise on using the 3 primary colors of yellow,red and blue to complete the secondary and tertiary colors in a color wheel.
I had to play catch up (20 mins late into coming to class this morning) and I really
thought it would be a breeze since I had also done a little research by reading a little on the subject ….so me smiled
when Chris further commented that it should be no challenge for me too (erm her rationale being that my background as a fashion retailer, color coordination is part and parcel of the job) …
In the end what did I do?
I ended up messing up my color wheel , getting all the colors wrong…..having to cut and paste so that I could redo the color wheel again~ aaargh!
oh oh, ego hugely deflated ….So no posting on the subject yet until I redo my assignment again````

Meanwhile, as if to prove my own self worth….I decided to test my eyesight on this uber cool xritephoto's color IQ!

Hurray, woohoo…..I finally scored zero, with is the best score possible !!!
This means my eye for color is perfect….hmmph, ego restored… I will tackle my color wheel again…hahaha

: click link and play it yourself too…have fun!

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