Friday, June 4, 2010

Lesson 13~ Deep Field Study

We all brought photos for today's lesson…..
Skies blue, cloudy, pinky, grey, clear, thunderstormy, early morn or mysterious dusk….because the theme is learning about "deep field" painting …

Wait….I asked why only photos of skies ? Eh how come no mentions on photos of fields ?

Heh heh…deep fields as in skies that are deep in the horizon la~

Ah so des ka ? Ah sooooo! Oh I see~~~

I chose to paint some of my Sipadan photos of the gypies at work in the calm seas off Mabul….to try to recapture the beautiful tranquility and landscape of this incredible paradise which is always always a balm for sore urban eyes~

We were shown how to paint an imaginary fluffy sky…Ms Shia made it seem so delightful , starting to prepare the paper for a very wet wash using cheerful aquamarine blue and also saying if one looks more carefully at the clouds,there are lemony yellows and spots of sweet pinks here and there as well as different tones of grey~

Ms Shia demonstrated by improving on my "icelandic" sky below……she kept saying the colors were so cooling …
I take it to mean my colors were not dynamic enough, hahaha.

Apart from being able to paint/draw masterpieces, obviously there is also language skill to motivate students and my art teacher has definitely mastered that to a pat :)

Thus duly motivated by Ms Shia's demo , my classmates were transformed and furiously proceeded to paint volumes of skies…, 3 or more skies per person no less…..

Alas in comparison I was not as productive ;(

….for after I was done with my Mabul sky above, somehow I became sucked into a time warp ~ engrossed with the micro details of my gypsies on their "sampan"….I lost track of the morning until I heard Ms Shia intoning :
" Michelle ~ I want to see many forms of skies, show me an imaginary sky…done from your memory… "

Huh? Which made me go…." Oh Oooops ~ already 12 noon la….paper wont dry on time, I will practice at home la ok ! "~ I promise!

And viola, Tadaaa this is my completed Mabul panoramic sky with my sea gypies harvesting the sea from their little sampan ~

The photo shot was done with the painting clipped onto my curtains with the morning sun's rays providing a strong backlite~ erm practicing what I learnt from DSLR photography class about aperture, shutter , ISO and exposure compensation….
hee hee~

This is about killing 2 birds with one stone, boink boink~ Hahahaha

and what about my promise to Ms Shia?

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