Saturday, April 24, 2010

lesson 8: attempting still life , free hand watercoloring

exciting morning indeed….

Ms Shia showed us a quick demo on how to do it , of coz when the sifu does it….it looked darn easy :

We all scratched our heads and paused for several minutes before diving into our imaginations. The initial uncertainties and lamentations soon gave way to enthusiasm and chuckles.

Yup it was definitely more fun composing a bowl of fruits from imagination, definitely more exciting than everybody trying to do same drawings of an actual bowl of fruits!

Our endeavours completed, we then gleefully reorganized Ms Shia's wall of fame, removed past students' works and unabashedly putting ours up in their places…..
Tadaaaa, below is a shot of our works for posterity, what a scream right?
I'm betting that Ms Shia too is having alot of fun with this boisterous group of students!

Top L (Chris's) Top R (Andrea's), Bottom L (yours truly) Bottom R (Jessica).

We were also reminded to treasure and archive our first completed piece , or for that matter all of our art efforts.
When told to compose a unique signature that identifies all our works, I proceeded to practise onto one of my previous completed pieces that in my opinion was so badly done…..Ms Shia promptly said "Aiyoh, so sayang! nice, like crystalized…keep it"
wow, it is an eye opener indeed ….
one golden rule learnt today, "Artists must above all else value any output from their own efforts".

A very satisfying morning indeed ….
After lessons, the "accomplished artists" went for vegetarian lunch…..aaah

Life is Great

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