michelle's art experimentations and learnings

this blog was with the intention of sharing my art journey because when I started I found myself grappling around, with limited time and certainly not many artists friends who could give tips to short cut my learning curve….

In the beginning I also experienced difficulty understanding my teacher's instructions and therefore it was a period of self experimentation, googling, buying all kinds of equipment (some totally useless) and books (some online, where you dont really know if the contents will be with info that one is seeking)……

so if its of any help to like minded working adults ….this is to share some of my learnings:

1. go get an iPad or any other branded tablet…..
whilst printed photos are useful but the vibrant ones from apple's beautiful screen with capabilities to zoom, change colors and play with effects can make the art double the fun

2. go buy loads of art books on the subjects that interest you…..
for me, I will credit these 2 to be my most wondersful inspirations:

whatever it is, there's so many books one can buy from the local bookshops or even online at Amazon…..I personally found that books gave better explanations that can augment what the art teacher was trying to illustrate….

3) browse and have fun admiring works of artists who are not afraid to share their portfolios online…..

my current muse comes from Stina Persson

4) its also impt to hv "on the go tools" that one can use to sketch, color whenever inspiration strikes….
a) for me, I bgt this little beauty intending to bring it along during dive holidays….I found that it was extremely useful even when sketching around the house!
b) and get a variety of easels that work best in different scenarios, on tables, on tripods for small or last sized pieces of works or even for carrying around in between art classes.
Here's a link to more choices of pochade boxes that are available on the market, well written by Charley Parker 

5)  the most impt and practical must have is planning one's private art space before one can even begin to  experiment 
a) outdoor is best for attempting oils bec the turpentine smell can be overwhelming

b) indoor is best for keeping supplies for obvious reasons

6) And keep experimenting new stuff every time ……there's a whole world of exciting techniques out there to be picked up via online video tutorials.
This is one of my favourites , artistsnetwork.com where even from their free preview….I have learnt so many tips thats so interesting! 
- take a peek at another good link http://artistsnetwork.tv/
- and more from  David Jon Kassan via youtube

Have fun and i hope you will share with me about yr art journey too….
Cheers and thanks for dropping by ~