Monday, October 29, 2012

Illustrations of Pav , the Pembrook Welsh Corgi via Autodesk Sketchbook Express on michellesblueplanet ipad

now I know why my reading has taken a back seat of late!

this finger drawing habit is getting toooooo wicked addictive , hahahaha!

But oh oh what good Fun it is and definitely most satisfying to know the quest for new knowledge, while never ending is easily satiated these days on the internet!

Adopting a zest for life and a credo that all new knowledge is worth pursuing (at least once or twice)  before we form an opinion or discard has never been proven more right than this time….for me that is!

I had been quite frustrated when I first came across Autodesk Sketchbook Express (ASK)  ….its comprehensive offerings initially proved to be too complicated and challenging .
So I left it aside and went on to tackle the easier apps ….
I came back to it once or twice and it even crossed my mind maybe I should just delete the app since I had no good use for it …..

Well, ASK has now become my favourite drawing app , wuuuuu huuuuuu.

If there are those so inclined to experiment with ASK too , maybe this link will help shorten your learning curve on how to do it...…
Drawing Corgi on michellesblueplanet picasa

Wasnt that gooooood clean fun? Now you see why it is so irresistable?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A "P" inspired by Pavarotti , our Corgi rescue ~ michellechoongkhoo

been a hectic week of new routines at home…..
due to the unplanned , unexpected , spontaneous arrival of Pavarotti , the Corgi~

The new friendship has taken everyone by surprise and filled our hearts with joy .

All are coping well .
How blessed.

And so my P is definitely an inspiration drawn from watching the interactions of adorable newcomer Pavarotti, the Corgi with beloved darling Elmo, the Beagle ~

Life can be so sweet.
Out there are some souls waiting for us to find and love them~
And so it is, that's how  Pavarotti found us ❀ ❃ ❉

links to the rest of the alphabets project

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A to Zeeeee inspirations on ipad~ michellesblueplanet

this "oh oh " piece was inspired rather absentmindedly while doodling and fretting over how Elmo , our beagle would react to new voiceless friend ...

Corkie…pitiful baby, 

the debarked and abandoned 8 years old Corgi ,

whom our vet insisted we should take home and give the poor chap a chance for some happiness...

Legally , vet is now at liberty to give Pavarotti ( our newly chosen name ) away after owner has refused to answer all calls or made any payments for its medical bills for a full one calendar year!!!

Just want to state clearly here that it was not this vet who devoiced poor Pavarotti in the first place…..
his owner brought him in for hostel bedding on reasons that they were traveling and then never bothered to come back for him on the sick logic , they have decided to migrate overseas!!!

Hubby and I are both ill prepared to accept another dog after Maxine's recent demise and truth be told we are quite fearful of small toy dogs for their fragility and high maintenance! 

I have always adored GSDs for their boisterous personality, strength and robust physical frames, much suitable for our preferred outdoorsy rough tumble adventure lifestyle……and our Dexter, Max, Roxy, Maxine brought us many many years of unquantifiable joys ~

I have always stayed away from tiny breeds that are like babies in my mind.

Elmo was our first small breed dog adoption (take over) from sons and true enough, he prove  our original fears to be true.
Since his 2nd year birthday diagnosed as epileptic; his care became a journey of frustrations over medications and finding out what triggers the stress levels that brings on the seizures , what food to abstain (in the end it was everything except his Country Farm dog food) , from cutting back uncontrolled excitement and most recently to restricting exercises only on treadmills etc etc. 

Finally we thought we can see some light at the end of the tunnel for Elmo's battle against his epilepsy 
episodes.....It has been 3 months since Elmo's last seizure.

Are we ready to now take on another old dog, prone to urinary infection, weak hind legs with a history of diarrhoea on top of being voiceless? 
In the end, after some discussions with sons, Cita the primary care taker of the household dogs and honestly how can one walk away from eyes that were luminous, following our every step wordlessly and appealingly? 

would break everyone's hearts if the new friendship between Elmo and Pavarotti didnt take off …… and we have to return him to the vet….

After one night together… after a short while of pouting , sulking and a show of abit of jealousy, Elmo turns out to have a big big heart after all :)
We have faith and a strong feeling , outcome will be positive w happiness, tranquility restored.

only setback from this episode is a high anticipation that I will get slightly distracted for the coming weeks ahead ….the already much delayed "A to Zee Alphabet on ipad Project"….. is guaranteed to be further postponed ;)

Oh well, I've  gotten to " O" ...... and hahaha it's not as if I have any deadlines to meet? 


Everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not obvious at the time.

Since Karma brought Pavarotti to us…..thus we shall accept the challenge of his coming into our life and God willing, we shall be able to adjust accordingly ~

Do not struggle.
Go with the flow of things,
And you will find yourself at one with
The mysterious unity of the Universe. ♥


to keep myself abreast and ontrack, I decided to upload my works so far onto picasa just in case my mac crashes again…..HD is looking critically compromised with less than 12GB free space available, ooooops…

1.  michellesblueplanet alphabets project on picasa

2. the work in progress of my ebook "when there's a dream" 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

decisions decisions DECISIONS made easier with ipad technology~michellechoongkhoo

Drawing on my ipad gives a different kind of satisfaction from watercoloring with paints on real art paper……
It is certainly not less, in many ways not more…..since both ways give me inner joy and stimulus .

Aaaah, who wouldnt wish for the luxury of time to not do anything else except explore art in any form and medium from the moment I awake till I go to bed…..

alas, since thats not always possible, these days therefore I find much energy is spent on my ipad….

  • because it is less messy and it is available for instant gratifications when itchy fingers get art attacks :)
  • Not forgetting that we must save la every part of our works of fancy please  …..then later we can manipulate them around to help us decide on composition and final output.
  • for eg I couldnt make up my mind how to present latest work Michelleblueplanet News , smile……..
  • luckily because I had saved almost every file whenever I made changes in strokes or color, I found it was so easy to try different scenarios without impacting my stage of work so far. I kept thinking, wow….this would have NOT been possible in the traditional mediums yea? 
  • Well,  I thought maybe someone else who is often faced with such a conundrum would find some insight if I show the steps below how my ipad helped me decide on my final piece? 
  • Art is about sharing, about making us think, stuff that touches our soul…..yea, but it doesnt hurt if sometimes, we find some tips on how to short cut our learning process, right?  so here goes…...

new , newer, newest……the modern consumer's conundrum~michellechoongkhoo

be they .... smartphones, cameras, computers, ......
our toys get obsolete right after we have just bought them with better ones seemingly launched daily!
we ask ourselves and friends, which brand(s) should we buy, now or later?
therein the conundrum of today's consumers?
likewise the multitude of choices for the digital art "explorer" , we have so many to learn and experiment with :D

                               michellesblueplanet News ~ 
                               was happily added with a finishing touch of fonts created via ipad app 
                              "Autodesk Sketchbook Express"

link to the thought process to final creation of this piece 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

marble wednesday~ halfway thru my Alphabets , michellechoongkhoo

having my Marvelous Moment ~

snacking Massimo wholemeal toasted slices on Marmalade served with Massive dollops of super chunky peanut butter.....

N so with this... I have reached the 13th alphabet and halfway mark towards my ABCs project on ipad……still loving the experiment, still learning something new everyday !

muah mwahs, what a mmm mmmm Marble wednesday ?

my marble is a glittery piece of art, the wonderful color of the rainbow with a major major tinge of pink ~

♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

lovely Tuesday

lovely Tuesday by michelle's blue planet
lovely Tuesday, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.

is it too early to design our own xmas n New Year greeting cards, hahahhaa what do u think?
this ipad app I found first got me abit stumped!
it kept hanging the system n disappearing before I could save my work!
then when I thought I would be smart abt it by saving every other 3 steps of rendering different pen or brush strokes, what I ended up saving were blank white screens?
I almost wanted to bang my ipad in frustrations !

so I decided to slow my experiments down n then it all started to gel together , smile!
Turned out I was working too feverish fast for the system to process...
anyway, at last I think I've finally ironed out the kinks of how to process most of the features available from this new ipad app....

I can't help wishing if only they have add text feature tho !
but oooops aiiii free stuff...
one shouldn't and can't b"'""" too much I reckon ?

so here's my version of "lovely Tuesday" via My Brushes Ink with text added via fotolr ~
cool apps, both of them @@

Friday, October 12, 2012

just because...its spontaneous and RAndom hilarious FUN doing art the michellesblueplanet way, smile

1. Draw free for the basic sketch
2. small world to convert background photo into spiral
3. nostalgio to collage 2 background photos for balance n composition
4. fotolr for text placement

with such great stuff , I cant get bored experimenting with my ipad :D

if anyone is still doubtful whether technology has a place in art, it must be because they didnt try it the michellesblueplanet way?
hahahah, go on have a bit of FUn ....
after all TGIF.

Cheers friends and all, lets enjoy our day

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Image via Bamboo Paper on michellesblueplanet ipad

Image by michelle's blue planet
Image, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.

Art is a little like looking at the mirror!

we dont necessarily need to be limited by what is reflected back to us!
Why ....sometimes we may NOT even see the same image that others see!
mmmmmm other times, we may need to even use a magnifying glass just to see whats so near and up-close !

so for those times when we need to, a little imagination wont hurt too, we can be purple , blue or black n white but lets not stay Dull ?

Do have a nice day ahead , friends and all :-)

michellesblueplanet ipad sketches~ for art attack moments on the go

meow how do u do?i may be fat but I am much loved <3 hee heewooooof , great morning?~best friends~happy easter sunday, what a lovely morning it is!giddyup
lazy morning....serial pool bumwheeeeeeeewhooosh....time fliesf is for free!having fun with my ABCs
G is for gee , golf , goody , GREAT ?helloImage

ipad sketches, a set on Flickr.
thats the nicest thing about living in this era.
Technology available at our disposal.

Nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it...
Gotta salute all the talented developers out there who make it all possible so far.....
am loving:
Paper by 53
Bamboo Paper by Wacom
Glow Draw
Draw Free

too many links here but if you so desire to experiment too, they are easily found once you go to itunes store and search and hahaha the magic is they are all FREE of charge.

Should anyone need tips on how to navigate them, I am more than willing to share too, just drop me a liner~

Sunday, October 7, 2012

the embedded widget of my first ebook~ just in case anyone is a curious cat, smiles

my first book "when there's a dream"  the link to preview my art journal at Blurb

 the sypnosis of whats inside:

This is michelle's compilation of the happy moments spent in search of artful inspirations that often made her lose track of time.... 
It matters little to her that the sketches or drawings are so random, ah maybe even come across as self indulgent..... 
but it matters much to her that the pleasures experienced during the creative process was akin to the joys of first love, of simple satisfactions, maybe even a tad akin to feelings of illicit sinful unpermitted unions.
Life is like coffee~ 
There's so many flavors to choose from..... 
enjoy. have fun. be happy like a child.
michelle and her first art journal.... "when there's a dream" is like peeking into her private love affair! 
Filled with experiments, filled with variety and always done with love.

and the digital preview , hee hee just in case you are curious~

Saturday, October 6, 2012

this is just for FUn ~ my first Blurb Book

book cover by michelle's blue planet
book cover, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.
my first ebook "when there's a dream"  the link to preview my art journal at Blurb

the sypnosis of whats inside:

This is michelle's compilation of the happy moments spent in search of artful inspirations that often made her lose track of time....
It matters little to her that the sketches or drawings are so random, ah maybe even come across as self indulgent.....
but it matters much to her that the pleasures experienced during the creative process was akin to the joys of first love, of simple satisfactions, maybe even a tad akin to feelings of illicit sinful unpermitted unions.
Life is like coffee~
There's so many flavors to choose from.....
enjoy. have fun. be happy like a child.
michelle and her first art journal.... "when there's a dream" is like peeking into her private love affair!
Filled with experiments, filled with variety and always done with love.

hahahaha, a work in progress because Im still finding where else Blurb can pull long forgotten images of works I've stashed online all over cyberland...…

saves me alot of work thats for sure.

very interesting weekend indeed!

Friday, October 5, 2012

G= gee golf goody GREAT ? via Bamboo Paper ~ michellechoongkhoo

finally I found the app that marries the best of all that I normally used !
-now i can attach photo reference on the same page to work on the sketch.
-The tools incl stroke size slim medium broad with fill in colors also slim medium broad!
-the colors of 8 is good enough for most uses!
- I can collage a mix of photos w drawing
or doodles!

oooops did I add more apps?
Do I know that my list of time wasters keeps on growing and growing and growing…..Seriously?
Awwww, But they are so irresistable and so much FUN~

What can a girl do?

mmmmmmm as a sucker who's forever looking on the positive side of things ….heh heh  Im just gonna say there's more than one good thing about the situation  ~
For starters, All these time wasters are totally free!!!!!!
For seconds, they keep the brain cells working because one has to figure out how to work the new stuff :)
and thirdly, it makes great cool art stuff!

Wheeeeee..... definitely G is for GREAT, love it , wide wide smiles…..
here's signing off quickly so that I can go back to working the apps on my beloved ipad :D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

having fun with my ABCs~ michellesblueplanet way

relearning the alphabets my way :)

A = Attitude
B = Be Bold
C = Confidence
D = Dreams
E = Exhilaration
F = Freedom

more to come....... thanks for looking in!
hope you share your alphabets with me too :)

f is for free!

f is for free! by michelle's blue planet
f is for free!, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.
don't u think technology is so swell?
base sketch done on paperby53,
tried some coloring by spray paint,
got bored by white n tried reverse image by fotolr
n last but not least collages done via QQ image HD~
awesome day indeed, feeling good,
but alas ooops....
now I hv to go do what brings in the bacon ;;)

at the snails pace I am going , wwwwwooooooo its gonna take a longish while to get to the end of all the alphabets?
oh well, I guess thats good too because then I have many things to occupy me and helps me find the creative buzz ?
after which theres the numerics, the sign language, braile alphabets .......

ahem practice makes perfect , right?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wheeeeeeee ~ I can do anything by michellechoongkhoo

wheeeeeeee by michelle's blue planet
wheeeeeeee, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.
there are days when art liberates you......

even when u dont feel like in the mood for sports because you are aching all over....

even when you dont feel at your physical best because you feel a flu or fever coming...

even when you know the weather makes it near impossible to try some things...

Today was such a day .
But I still wanna feel like I could do anything in the world; smile ...
in my mind and at the stroke of my fingers over my ipad using paperby53 app at least! big big smile :D

Tomorrow when I am more up to it, mebbe I will tackle some of the other things thats swirling around in my mind.

The present is a gift.