Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lesson 10: techniques of creating textures

Ms Shia opened up her tin of "junk"….old toothbrush, scraps of old carton, plastic, rag, sponge, iron nail, wire netting, candle, glue, white crayon…
She also couldnt resist commenting that all these tools for creating watercolor texture…. there is no need for us to go shopping today!! Hahaha
We…her students with the exception of today have been going to the art shop for straight 8 weeks to buy art supplies~
I for one notice that my bag is getting bulkier when coming to classes…hahaha!

Tho truth be told, it was part necessity but mostly it was for social networking and for us to get to know each other better ~ LOLs

Well, as the morning progresses and Ms Shia proceeded to show us various techniques …it was reminiscent of my sons' kindergarden days….remember the days of cutting shapes from fruits or vegetables like potatoes, carrots , ladies fingers to make stencil prints?

Of course, Ms Shia's techniques were more edgy , less messy but just as fun~ some examples which I reproduced below:

textures made by painting 3 layers, each time covering some parts with scraps of newspaper

textures made by scrapping with the back of the brush or pointed object e.g nail tip while the paint was still wet

effect of dabbing paints using old toothbrush

effect of flicking spots of paint from the brush using fingernail

creating a mass by twirling dry paint from chinese brush on wet wash

drawing fine lines using dry paint from flattened chinese brush

using plastic card to draw the window frame lines and wax candles for effecting window slats

last but not least , this is my favourite….poking paint (various wetness to get various effects) thru the sieve of wire netting

After all the experimenting, we had to use the techniques learnt today to create a realistic composition….
I took the easy way out by painting the scenery from the classroom window

★the rooftop was done using corrugated carton
★ the window frame using plastic card edge
★ the clouds using dry chinese brush and sprayed with water
★ the trees were painted using candle waxing and back of brush to scrap the lines…..

OMG today we really had to get in deep and dirty into our art…
As yet I still could not brush out the paint pigments from my index fingernail yet!!


Arty-Farty Diva said...

Hey Michelle, I love today's class. And I have been looking around my house last evening to see what other things I can play with to create textures .. apart from using salt. My daughter said that we can use alcohol (interesting texture, try it), and cling wrap, and bubble-wrap.

BTW, I found that the water spray that we use yesterday was too watery for fine work. I have since emptied the last bit of my BodyShop spray (by spraying my wardrobe, my clothes, my dogs(?)) and use that instead. Very good.. gives a fine mist effect.

michelle's blue planet said...

Dear Andrea,
I hope we will each individually soon find a style that we like to develop further~
It was great in school today, as always.
Hope all the rest, relax and rejuvenation this weekend perks you …..
Looking fwd to see more Postings of yr art journey... eureka moments, trials and mistrials.