Tuesday, April 10, 2012

art on pinterest~michellechoongkhoo

wow what an eventful easter weekend..... loads of new channels to browse for art!

And I think I may be beginning to like Pinterest alot alot alot :D ....... busy busy busy me pinning here and there!

 oh gosh its so so awsome deliciously cool site but ahem it can be such a time eater as I just lost almost 4 hours exploring the various categories of wonderful stuff that others have pinned up ….
heh heh so pls dont say i didnt warn you!

oh well,  here's what i did on my ipad and uploaded to Pinterest too, on a lovely morning such as  this , meowwwww ~

how nice if Easter Sunday happens everyday~ michellechoongkhoo

check out nice imprints as seen on my easter eggs that you can add onto yr doodles via DrawPro ipad app ~

Dont u wish Easter Sunday is everyday ?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

woooooof, great morning? ~by michellechoongkhoo

am I on a roll with my ipad using paper by 53?

hahahaha sure looks like it!

  wooooof , great morning?

have a great day ahead fellow art lovers :D

how lucky to have many choices of medium to create art ~ michellechoongkhoo

gosh we are so lucky to have new and user friendly technologies popping up everyday to make our learning such a joy !

have you tried this ipad app  paper by 53?

heres what i did with it today :) turning my back on dieting ~ miaow

Life's been really quite cool , smile.
I hope you are enjoying today  as much as I am too!
~ cheerios~

paper by 53 Creations~ "how do you do?" by michellechoongkhoo

meow how do u do?

 meow mioaw , Tobie says "HOW DO YOU DO?"