about michelle's uw photography

If you too wanna escape with me into a dreamy underwater world where we are truly one world…..
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 michellesblueplanet video series 
If you are a diver...may our underwater videos re-awaken fond memories of your favourite dive sites. If you are not yet a diver, may our videos bring smiles to your face . There is beauty in every living creature....our blue planet is beautiful. ...Life is Great…share our fantastic memories

Bringing the camera down with me while diving has actually made me more aware , more attentive and certainly more appreciative of the beauty beneath blue waters. ….oh yessss diving is so much more fun with a cam in hand O.O

To me, there is beauty in every living creature on our lovely blue planet…

Its such a privilege to be able to explore and sample some of the many wonders underwater…isnt LIFE just GREAT?

Here's a great Howdy to you~

and if you are curious about what is my uw camera set up : 

Currently I'm fooling around and trying to figure out the best settings for my Canon G10 housed in Canon's WP-DC28 uw casing.
For lighting, I use either the Inon 2000 strobe or Ikelite's DS165 substrobe together with Ikelite's Pro V8 . Plus an inon UCL 165 macro lens attachment helps to magnify the tiny critters that divemasters so love to show us as if to test our eyesights , LOL~~