Friday, April 9, 2010

Lesson 6: and too many ideas --~~>> insomnia

Andrea handed out all the painting supplies i.e watercolor paints, brushes, palettes that we ordered from her amidst much excitement from us , not dissimilar to a kindergarden classroom! heheh.
We've affectionately taken to call Andrea, our class monitor as she fits the role to a tee….she's so organized and seldom needs to ask Ms Shia to repeat her art instructions unlike me who even with taking notes, am often blurry about the task to be performed.

This morning with giggles around, we found that even after ordering our art supplies ….all of us (except for class monitor) still lack one or two or in my case several items!

Ms Shia gave some hints on how to organize the work table e.g "Michelle, here take this chair and put your big bag away from the table" and u get the idea of where I am coming from ok….hahahah.

Now onto the subject proper, Today's lesson was about painting flat and graded backgrounds using
1) dry technique
2) a wet in wet technique

Believe you me, Hey, it is not as easy as how Ms Shia showed us ok!
Dont believe me, you try it for yourself based on what is shown on these online tutorials here ……

Painting a Flat Watercolor wash
Painting a Graded watercolor wash

Definitely 2 hours was not enough to complete even these 2 basic exercise and I ended up clocking one more hour before packing up!

Here's one of my fumbles in the class.

wet in wet technique tutorial shows how it should be done~ the professional way.
:) ;P *O* hee hee

I felt so inadequate that I just had to browse and research online tutorials the whole night long to augment what Ms Shia tried to show us in class.

Oh my, there's even one on how to hold a brush and
6 secret brush skills
Aha, no wonder my strokes are all going nowhere that I wanted them to.

Wow, this weekend is gonna be real busy as I replied to Andrea's FB status ……hee hee, it is so true what she said about all the monotones onto graded background taking over the dreams…hahahaha

too many ideas ----------~~> insomnia

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Arty-Farty Diva said...

Thanks for the links to the tutorials. Now I can just print and paste it in my book instead of having to scratch my head to recall what we had learnt in class.