Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lesson 7: more wet on dry, wet on wet

"Water colour is a medium that takes great skill to control, yet appears to be free of control. Painting in watercolor requires a disciplined approach that at the same time does not stiffen the results. The course offers participants the basic techniques, to how they can be used to paint wide variety of subject."
The above description on MIA brochure couldnt be more true.

Handling the brushes, learning how to control the water, the amount of color, understanding about pigments and the flow of the watercolors onto the different textures of paper is not as easy as it looks….for me at least with that many years of never holding any brushes in my hands, that is!
Inspired by my uw photos of my best dive buddy~aka as Eddie my hubby…I attempted to do some monochromatic flat washes of the blue ocean and a dash of contrasting graded washes…..hahaha, goodness me….my efforts were blotchy and messy is the key operative word of the day !!!

Though armed with many new supplies e.g easel, mounting board, more brushes… I nevertheless had an enthusiastic afternoon as I tried tackling more exercises on wet on dry, wet on wet and even some stroke practises (ooooh, this is even harder than the the attempts on flat and graded washes….hahahah, it makes me laugh to see my ghastly trials ~
But hey laughter is after all the best medicine to replace all the other awful happenings around the world….earthquakes, volcano eruptions, airflights in chaos…what on earth is happening to our blue planet~ sigh.
I'd rather be doing blotchy art than reading the news.
So yess, ART cheers me up plenty ….I'm having so much fun with my adult lessons and I'm so glad I found

Plus it was even more exciting when I finally got around to organize my own private art space at home.

Life is simple, Life is Good

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