Thursday, March 11, 2010

dont be uptight…let yourself fly~

Today Ms Shia gave us white chalks and black charcoals to play with…
Lesson 2 is again an experiment with shading except onto colored paper which represents the midde color, grey.
Today's exercise was to look at the play of light on everyday objects ; the colored paper representing the middle shade, light represented by white chalk and the shadows represented by black charcoal…no blending is allowed!
I chose the wine bottle because it was nearest to me. I placed the bottle right up close to my face but Ms Shia says, the object should be against an uncluttered background and at a distance…
Oh…ok, I'll just hv to work with my sunglasses (with optical presciptions) on ...;)))

And this is what my 1 hour's effort look like….mmmmm, practise practise practise required.
Well, its not as easy as I thought:

a) firstly the chalk wouldnt stay put on the paper…Ms Shia said it was a case of the wrong type of colored paper.
b) secondly the chalk gets onto the palms and then gets transferred onto the clothes and today of all days, I was wearing white…I fretted how to avoid the further transfer of black charcoal onto my face itself…aargh….me getting uptight brought a smile to teacher's face. "I can imagine Michelle as a child and wanting permission to rush to the bathroom to clean up" ;}
Question: "how to make your chalk/charcoal drawings stay put onto the paper?
Answer: " spray it with a common hair spray" ….ooooh, I see.

Next hour was spent on fun and open expression exercise: DOODLING~
Oh oh, my mind actually went blank for awhile.
Ms Shia :" Dont be uptight,,,,let yourself fly , just draw anything that comes to mind…shapes, objects, numbers, real or imaginary".
I was stuck for a minute and then as my doodling unfolded….I ended up drawing stuff from diving. Its obvious that my mind was already thinking of the coming Redang trip on Monday.
I heard Ms Shia's overtone "dont stick to a theme, keep your mind open …."
Huh? Too late, I couldnt go anywhere else …look at all that outpouring of loving feelings??? hahaha. First love diving, second love art?

I loved what Ms Shia said about how everybody can draw…Its a matter of your own personal confidence to accept your own ART…yesssss, I definitely can identify with this statement.
Andrea said she just stuck to a particular music…wow, the symphonies in her head must have been beautiful, her 2 designs were refreshing (she definitely was not uptight, smile). Kim drew her cheongsams and what she wanted her tailor to sew for her …I wasnt quite sure what Jessica drew but Chris seemed to be wrapped around her gardens and and I saw a doodle of flowers in colorful profusion~

Today was somehow liberating…and it was even obvious to Eddie who says "someone is in a happy mood today after her drawing…." , yea yea yea , I was grinning when I came home. Hee hee hee.
Next on the list is to buy a small pad for doodling anywhere and anytime. I'm gonna bring it to Redang too, la di da…woo hoo.
And next lesson, I must make a note to bring an apron to wear over my day clothes too.

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