Saturday, January 8, 2011

sketching on newsprints~ Day6 into 2011 Project A Sketch A Day by michellechoongkhoo

“Art is in the doing. It isn’t important how it turns out. The process is where the pleasure, the learning and the experience take place. A day without some sort of creative endeavor is a wasted day.”
—Myrna Wacknov, from “Splendid Over 60” in the March 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

And with the above in mind, I continued to experiment this morning….I was very particular on the messages and adverts when choosing my newsprint for sketching~

 a) on black and white newsprint…..watercoloring was really easy, quick and nifty
I think my rememberance of Roxy looks rather swell~
it seemed so appropriate to remember my beloved with the SCB tagline,
"here for good" :)

b) on colored newsprint….the watercolor pigments wouldnt stay and so its more dramatic and strokes work best to use a broad black artline permanent marker pen
And here's my rendition of our beloved Max at his prime , much loved and hugs from his forever best pal….Justin, then aged 13 ….
I had a chuckle reading Bio cell's tagline " Building it green" and the ensuing description
 " colourful personalities do make it happen….you are enthusiastic, creative and have a colorful personality, here's yur chance to be part of the dynamic team…." 
and today I chanced onto an artist who does such great works of art on newsprint Gabriel Vormstein

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