Friday, January 7, 2011

go dotty~ day 5 "Project 2011 A Sketch A Day" michellechoongkhoo

Truthfully, I find Pointilist Style painting v very creative, makes me think and ponder with each dot of colors I added~ yessss, it will be something that I wanna come back to do on a more elaborate, bigger scale when time permits :)

For now, this is my masterpiece of hubby…. 2 sketched frames painted pontillist style of him training his usual assistant in crime, Elmo the beagle monster~

Because I have never done any painting, sketching of hubby before , I wanted to do something special!

And Pointillist-Style painting being totally new to me, seemed like a fun exercise to do!
The sketching part was the easiest of it all….took me by jeebers less than 1 min……but then as I added the painstaking dots, each dot by dot , terrible thoughts invaded my mind as the hours wore on~
Why oh why do I always torture myself when it comes to my art?
Why oh why can't I be contented , once I have found something enjoyable ….to continue to proceed at a relax pace and try it for a longer while ?
I know the answer of coz…..hahaha because I get bored quickly if I dont hv something new to poke around with…..therein why Eddie calls me a "masochist"…… hahaha.

This is too time consuming to do on a daily basis obviously…..but mmmmm, definitely interesting.

oh well, at least now I know what  Georges Seurat's post impressionist arts texture is all about…Yup it was no joke spontaneously attempting this pointillist style painting after coming across Georges Seurat's A Sunday on La Grande Jatte in Valerie Colston's book and becoming more intrigued as I googled to find out what George Seurat's style was all about……
So it became something I just had to try it to know if I liked it~
huuuuuu, definitely not something one wanna attempt if time is a constraint!
For example if I wanna keep to my 2011 Project A Sketch A Day's daily deadline…..hahaha, but I am so glad I tried it and can now go on to another new xperiment *.* 

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