Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a day at the beach~michellechoongkhoo

we are booked for Club Med Bintan for cny~ cant wait !

It is our favourite holiday destination every since Jon was 2 years old…..
And this indulgent painting is based on our then holiday at Club Med Cherating probably 1988….cant help wondering if the beach is still as pristine clear today ~
we havent been back for a long long while as our last visit it was so awfully run down that we had to escape to other club meds…..
mmmmm maybe we really should consider getting back there some day soon especially since it has been refurbished beautifully.

isnt it nice that in art…..there is no hard and fast rule that one must stick to facts?
heh heh, here I can imagine I was as tall and as slim as I wanna be, even with 
blond hair ;P

And when hubby complains that I seem to have even hijacked the dry kitchen space for my drawings, hahaha…..I told him he will be rewarded with a painting soooooon of him with abs that will render a young man jealous, hahahaha….
Life is wonderful, with technology, time, space to rediscover my paintings and an indulgent spouse…
what more could a girl possibly wish for in 2011?

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