Saturday, January 22, 2011

Julian conquered the Railey@Krabi~michellechoongkhoo

yes, I remembered this was one of the highlights of our family holiday at Krabi 2001~

Driving with a convoy of 14 cars 4x4 wheelers all the way from Penang to Hadyai, Songkla and then Krabi and back…..we were told a visit to Krabi's famed Railey Bay and Solo jumps overhanging the sea is a once in a lifetime adventure….none of the other 13 families were interested, but that didnt deterred the khoos!

Nice memories indeed~
                              Julian on the way down after conquering the Railey ~

Am very happy I have progressed to the point in my watercolor to be confident to draw my outlines with light watercolor strokes without any need for pencils….now I know that even if I make a mistake , it is as simple as overlaying it with fresh coat of pigments!

heh2 practise makes perfect ( so I am slowly but surely getting there day by day….soon I hope to be able to begin rendering some underwater landscapes and critters) :)

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