Monday, January 10, 2011

Blossom into prosperity, day 8 "Project 2011(renamed) A Painting a Day"

hahahaha, at the rate I am experimenting… 2011 project has runaway to become more than a sketch a day~ so I shall rename it "A Painting A Day" LOL~

It all started with a G/F, bless her heart presenting me with some Papua New Guinea coffee beans and their local Nescafe (she says seriously its not the same as KL's taste, really? ) mmmmm so am sitting  and enjoying the aroma of my Starbucks xmas blend ,  thinking  ~ awww the packaging is so charming , almost a shame to open it up ~that I shall try niugini blend tomorrow!

Then reading the mainstream newspapers,  obviously with thoughts all about coffee…of coz my eyes was inadvertently drawn to the ads of Nescafe girl…. in red….and following that flow of thought, onto Metrojaya's beautiful china doll also in a profusion of red ~ it was eureka for the day!

Forget about linking up my iPad, syncing my photos, getting the FX photos of Tiger, printing out the tonal values in B/W, monochromatic and adjusting the strokes , cropping…….aaaaaah, it can wait for another day!

Today, my Nescafe Girl was just the right stimuli for this morning's art exercise and mmmmm, with that inspiration , it got me gobbling my Portuguese tart so quickly that I almost forgot to savor its deliciousness~ so that I could immediately set up the easel! Ah, the price one pays for ART, heh2.

As I wanted to mesh the 2 ads together and planned the background of a profusion of blossoms …….just as well I paint the outline direct, remembering what I read about always starting with the darkest tonal value…..

Chinese New Year Mood is already in the air here in KL…..
I am pretty sure I will soooon be inspired by great photos of beautiful ladies in their gorgeous qipaos

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