Saturday, January 29, 2011

colored chicks~michellechoongkhoo

I wonder if they still sell these colored chicks anymore at the markets?

I remembered we bought 6 for Jon at the wet market for RM10 (equiv USD 3) and we left them free roaming in the garden in the daytime. We kept them under a food cover at night.

It was fine for a few days and then we discovered the chicks missing one a day….

mummy, there's 2 less today!
A4x220gsm acid free paper

(This painting was based on photo of Jon feeling so sad that he had 2 less chicks!)

In the end we solved the mystery ! The horrible stray cat was the murderer~ we found him stalking the 3rd chick and scurrying off with the blue feathers in its mouth before we could saved the poor little chick!

Eventually the 3 chicks grew up, lost their colors and became normal colored hens!
Apparently the farmers inject some kind of dye into the eggs while they were incubating and as far as I remember, the colored chicks were always sold out!

I shall keep an eye out for such chicks next time I visit the wet market, smile

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