Sunday, January 23, 2011

Justin~ and his posing

children are the most natural subjects for the camera…..
looking at all the old photos and the funny stuff my sons did for my faithful Olympus then,,,,,,aaaaaah, then they really do love being "camwhores" (i dont like this word but times change, dont they?)….when did they stopped loving posing? Sigh~

Just a sketch for a lovely Sunday…..

As the Artist Gerald M Burns says; "I believe that there is a thirst out there for an art that people can relate to. They are tired of being embarrassed by feeling they don't understand art. The fact is that most people do have an intuitive feel for what is "good and bad" in art. The problem is that most of what is now called contemporary art is so self indulgent and trivial that it is of no consequence to anyone other than to the artist who created it. In my work, I think people see something which they can relate to - instantly. Only then, once the viewer's imagination has been captured, is there any hope that one can convey or communicate any underlying theme or message."

I do wish I could paint like Gerald and then probably my art will then have more consequence to others than just myself….hahahaha

Yess, I am feeling indulgent in my sketches and watercolors….
they probably have no meaning or consequence to anyone else but to me and my sons…..
but this is my private art journey…..
I do have my own mission and aim towards my own goal~ 
and I'm loving every minute of my trivial art!

But its true there is an intuitive feel that we should not ignore….initially I signed off my original version of Justin's sketch thinking it was done…..then the camera shot just didnt feel right….his head came out as somehow wrongly proportioned to the body….
So I did some surgery….and I felt so much happier with the final version  and I am so glad I learnt something new today!
so can u imagine how when I found the excerpts below, I simply had to agree?
Life is simple and nice on this beautiful Sunday, January 23rd 2011 ❀✿❃

“ Painters never learn by making good paintings. Mistakes are the magic potion that conjures up future sensational paintings.” 
Betsy Dillard Stroud, from “Get a Jump-Start in Acrylics” in the May 2008 issue of The Artist’s Magazine.

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