Sunday, January 9, 2011

nostalgia of Port Dickson~Day 7 "Project 2011 A Sketch A Day"

I wanted to try watercoloring direct with just some broad outlines~ this is in preparation of my trying monochromatic portraiture of Tiger (as visualized by bighugelabs FX ) next few days!

Today, I had great joy looking at old archive photos~ 
and equal joy painting this very ancient 1987 photo taken at Port Dickson…..
Wow, brought back such wonderful memories of those gleeful days, so many happy weekends spent with Jon, Carrie, Ean and Sean ! 
What a great sunday it is today! And I am most happy that from the pile of Port Dickson photos, is a huge treasure trove of materials to keep me busy busy busy sketching and smiling for a long while~

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