Sunday, January 30, 2011

Go faster KOKO~ michellechoongkhoo

Quote: Alyson B Stanfield  from her posting Listen, read, act repeat :
"….DO THIS————~> Listen, read, act, and repeat. Or read, listen, act, and repeat. Don’t let the four most dangerous words–”I already know that”–stand in your way. Keep gathering knowledge in any format you come across, and pretty soon you’ll be proficient in your area of interest."
And I Totally agree…..
It never hurts to repeat doing the same exercise over and over again. I love drawing my kids and I adore doing it over and over everyday~
Painting this today brought wide smiles…..the days of power rangers and when we actually encourage the kids to speed>>>>>>>hahahahaha
                                           Julian on his birthday gift, tricyle
                                                       "Go Faster KOKO"
                                                  A3 x 200 gsm watercolor paper

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