Thursday, January 13, 2011

silhouettes~michellechoongkhoo's "A Painting A Day"

I have always failed to do silhouettes….and today was no different, I really had to struggle!

In the end, I decided on this final one which is in my opinion, passable only after I cropped out the largest image of the rider plus make the foreground much shorter!

"Riding into the sunset" was referenced from today's Star, 
based on a Reuter photo of horseback riders at Gaza City….
which caught my eye because it heartens me to know in that troubled land~ 
good people could still snatched moments of joy ….
so I wanted to capture its essence

I had to tear up a few sketches :
- first my main horse kept turning out looking like a donkey :(
- second the angles/proportions were problematic because I have never tried drawing horses?
- and the overall photo just had too many elements , making it difficult for me to focus….
the final decision to keep it to 2 small riders ended up working better!
- I must alway keep things simple so that there's fluidity, I think I must learn to be more decisive  which elements to retain and which to discard!

Definitely have not nailed the exercise yet….more work needed on my drawing board…..
If I could do what Samantha Hahn has done for her silhouettes…..that's when I will say I have nailed it!

Ahhhh but is ok…..after all I still learnt some things , so all in , I wont say it was a wasted morning's work of art ?

which reminds me……now I've got to find time to go back to horseriding in 2011~

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