Friday, June 4, 2010

paint more skies~

Trying to fulfill my promise to Ms Shia ~ link to Lesson 13 " studying deep fields"

Later in the evening after dinner…I scoured my archives to see what other photos of skies I have in my iPhoto folders….

I found that all my own photos of skies, were of those taken at diving locations…..or limited to sunsets, sunrises.

Searching my flickr ctc's photos to get skies in different perspectives ….I find Miquel Comes' many photos of stunning gorgeous beach colors and striking smouldering mountain sceneries to be mesmerizingly awsome….
I favorited 3 and sought his permission to copy them onto watercolor:
This is simply beautiful beyond words, my favourite of them all~ I wish I was there too ;)

(B) Sister Golden Hair : The contemplative mysterious air makes one pause and ponder

( C) Cabo de Gata : I just love his composition of adding one lone nudist in the wide expanse of sea and sky

Granted Miquel's kind permission , I shall bravely try to attempt to do some justice to his beautiful photos ~ hope he do not end up disgusted with my efforts and edit me out of his contact list!!!!

outcome of Project Photo (A) Wish you were here


first layer

trying out the salt effect for the beach grains…and after many layers of colors for the cliff and the horizon~

Oooops I seem to have shifted the focal point away from the sky and onto the sea /beach instead!
Not that I dont like it but mmmmm, I guess I need to try to paint more skies next~~~

outcome of Project (B) Sister Golden Hair

first draft

many washes of the skies later~ I prefer my sky of the first draft but I love the translucence of the finished painting……again I have succeeded in shifting the focal point away from the sky…oh noooo~

and I failed to capture the mysterious moodiness that the original photo enraptured ~
this needs to be repainted


I have one last chance to fulfill my assignment with the 3rd shot "Cabo de Gata"...
I sure hope that I do not end up fussing over the ripples of the waters and the silhouette of the nudist instead of the sky
If I do, then maybe I may have to change the title of this blog from "paint more skies" to something else perhaps?

Life is simple, Life is Good
lets not fret it too much…have a laugh
btw Have you ever wondered perhaps
"Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?"

hahahaha, have a lovely weekend ahead


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