Monday, June 7, 2010

completion of painting skies assignment

continuing from previous blog

coming home from Penang and taking loads, loads photoshots of skies….
In spite of a splitting headache and to help me deal with my heavy heart over papa's ill health~I sat down, lit a Lotus fragranced incence stick and proceeded to paint my incomplete assignments~

outcome of Project C "Cabo de Gata"

I looked at all the photos of the skies that I shot enroute to and fro Penang….
the laden skies bespoke the language of my heart….

I will try to paint them another day ~

I wrapped up the night just as the 2nd incense stick burnt to ashes~ another token of thanks to a great pal , Andrea for this tip too.
The incense really helped to keep the bugs away and the subtle sandelwood aura puts one in the mood of creation…..I will never lite another incense without thinking of you, Andrea ;)

scene along East Coast Highway back to KL
11.5" x 8.25 " on 300 gms cold press paper
© michellechoongkhoo

giving thanks to a happy life, for the joys that my sons bring, for the love of my life, for the little blessings daily….

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our live." ~ANNIE DILLARD


Andrea Boult said...

Wow! Michelle.. I really love both the paintings in this post. They have this translucent quality in them which speaks of a fleeting moment - a snapshot of something delicate, something ephemeral, something whimsical. This kind of style, no books can teach you. It comes from the heart.

michelle's blue planet said...

Andrea…I am really very happy to rekindle with paintings, drawing, art lessons with MIA.
I truly enjoy the quiet tranquility I get when engrossed with watercoloring…for now I want to indeed paint from the heart of the subjects that I love….my sons, my dogs and eventually of diving.
Thanks for the constant encouragement and sharing.
Hugs ~