Monday, June 28, 2010

3rd panel - Julian at Khoo Kongsi

It was a great Sunday~
nice weather & a super great aromatherapy massage puts me in the mood for rest and relax .
As the lovely hands of the excellent masseause worked her magic on my muscles, I gave silent thanks for many little blessings and I have much to be grateful for in this blessed life.

The luxury of time to devote to painting is one such blessing.

4 months into starting art lessons I have come to realize that portrait painting is much more than just copying religiously every aspect of a photo.

Art is very much about using adhoc modifications:
-Here I used an image of Khoo Kongsi's lionhead from one very old photo taken in 1994 .
-I superimposed an image of Julian from a family group shot that we snapped in front of Sydney's Opera House in 2000.
-The CNY lanterns was added last minute from imaginations because I realize that my original composition looked so drab and moody!
The bright red globes added just the right splashes ~
-I also felt that the lionhead was different from the buddha statues because it had so much tiny details that the charcoals and oil pastels couldnt bring it to life until I added the silver/black acrylic dabs…..

I think I manage to make the whole painting work~ at any rate, I like it alot.
I finished painting Julian just slightly after 10pm~ 5 hours of work!!
I hope he will like it too…..

11.5" x 22.25" on 300 gms cold press
Title : Julian and the lionhead
© michellechoong_khoo

to see all the panels together, 2nd triptych link

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