Saturday, June 26, 2010

2nd panel of A2 triptych~Justin

15.5" x 22.25" on 300 gms cold press paper
Title: Justin with a KRABI flavor
© michellechoong_khoo

feeling adventurous to try watercolor with even more mixed medium>>>

1. using charcoal with oil pastels for the Thai Buddha
2. painting Justin with very light washes and strokes
3. trying out a dash of gold acrylic to make the embellishments on umbrellas /cushions stand out…..

mmmmm, I do love experimenting…..makes the art journey less boring!

one interesting question a classmate posed to me…..

Q: Why do you keep painting your sons?
A: why not? smile~
after all this is my personal art journey and if I am going to learn how to paint good portraits, why not take all the tons of photos that I already own for references ?

Plus on top of getting the painting techniques/the perspectives and the composition right I do happen to like the extra challenge of knowing that I have to at least get a good likeness for my sons/hubby to pass my paintings….

Thanks for all the encouragement.
Have a great weekend ahead~

to see all 3 panels together, link 2nd triptych

1 comment:

Andrea Boult said...

Wow! this is very nice. Very interesting combo - charcoal, oil pastel + watercolour.

I am inclined to think (after spending the morning painting the "Mango Lisa") that for portraits, it is best to start with light, thin washes and build it up slowly. Also, faster to dry. Hee hee hee.

I bet your son must be so pleased. He might want to "hijack" them all for his condo next!!! :)