Friday, June 25, 2010

1st panel of 2nd triptych~ mixed medium

15.5" x 22.25" on 300gms cold press
Title : Jon at art gallery
© michellechoong_khoo

2nd triptych idea was to work on photos of sons aged around 10….
1st panel -Jon with a backdrop of Buddha at Penang's Butterfly farm art gallery
2nd panel - Julian with a backdrop of Khoo Kongsi's lionhead
3rd panel - Justin with a Thai Buddha at Krabi resort

And this time, I wanted to experiment with mixed medium….using oil pastels/charcoal which I thought gave me better shades for the stone statutes' shadings and also to try something new :)

Attempting bigger pieces meant buying bigger easels…..

These 2 easels are a dream to work on:
- one easel with adjustable slant angles is more conducive for watery washes
- the other with adjustable height is more comfortable for detail work and longer seated hours….
to see all 3 panels together, link 2nd triptych

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