Sunday, April 11, 2010

sketching ideas~copying from nature or a photoshot

In fact, the artist recently revealed a secret of his process. One might not expect that such beautifully stylized artwork sometimes begins with photo reference… but look:
(Translated from Spanish by Google) Agreda writes, “The truth is that you learn a lot making notes in the street, and as on this occasion I could not leave the house, I did the photos. In any case, copying from nature is essential to try something a little better. If not, just pulling the mental library itself, which is not always updated too.”

I did my own version to see if the theory fits :

Definitely!!! Yess….
with that I proceeded to snap a photo my darling ELMO ~ and then to sketch him.
How else would I have achieved it if not for the lens of the camera freezing him in perpetual pose?

Now thats the beauty of the internet,,,,,sharing good stuff, ideas so that theres no need to reinvent the wheel~ thanks AGREDA!!!

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