Thursday, April 1, 2010

5 lives of an artist~ featured artist on TED

As I watched Raghava articulating his charming stories about his art journey, it really was a refreshing take on how art can influence people be it positive or negative.
The link to TED video
Very very endearing anecdotes indeed~ and of course a very talented artist.

Raghava KK's Artist profile


Andrea Boult said...

OMG! woman! just reading your blog is enough to make me exhausted with all the enthusiasm. Hahahaha! Love the pics. Love the fast-paced writing. And yes, I shall update my very neglected arty-farty blog this weekend (ie as soon as I remember where I'd left my username and password!!!!)

michelle's blue planet said...

Andrea, in part my enthusiasm was fueled by you ;))))
Yes, pls pls pls breathe yr blog to life….
Cant wait to find out yr perspective ~ I betcha each of our take away from the same lessons may be different but hopefully the interactions during classes are as fun for you as it was for me.
Its lovely to meet you girls , karma brought us together for a reason but even if it was for a season…I'll definitely remember you lovely girls for life!