Thursday, April 15, 2010

shopping for art supplies with arty farty classmates

It was love at first sight and if Andrea/Jessica wasnt there to talk me thru logically, I might hv ended up vacuuming a whole carload of art supplies…
As it is, I only managed to get half a bootload filled up with stylo mylo new stuff but it was enough to make me smile as wide as "Alice in Wonderland's" cheshire cat …humming all the way on the MRR2 highway from Tmn Melawati to home….and feeling like I've reached seventh heavens~
large A2 portfolio bag to keep mounting board, art blocks n sketchbooks
portable art box easel with handle and compartment for brushes, paints etc
easel placed on top of wooden 3 Tiered drawers for pencils/chalks/markers
the easel all boxed up and ready to go on the road with the "artists"…..
All of the above plus 14 other miscellaneous items for less than RM220 with The WESTSTAR card…..woooo weeee! What a bargain ;)))))

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Arty-Farty Diva said...

I must say that the drawer was really GREAT value for money. I was expecting the price to be somewhere within the vicinity of RM100++.