Thursday, April 8, 2010

food for thought~ interesting questions on art

I continue to be amazed at the marvellous art blogs I stumble upon when I browse the net.
The internet is really an amazing trove of endless wonders waiting to be discovered.

and this one at artbizblog posed some intriguing questions to art lovers which attracted many comments. I found the comments themselves to be very interesting food for thought indeed~ clink on the links below to take a peek at what people are saying to :

How do u define art quality ?
Is making money on art greed?
Is commissioned art inherently of lesser quality?
Art is….

But trying to discover good new art blogs can be quite time consuming, not to mention risky if you click onto a nasty scammer link that is not verified.

I find that signing up for google reader is a easier route to get the art news/info that are of interests to me because once I start adding subsciptions to blogs I like, the beauty is google reader will continually make recommendations of other blogs that match the genres of my subsciptions…kewl!
Also I can mark articles with stars, make comments and share it in numerous formats ….plus my google reader comes with a unique URL that I can even embed / post/ email anywhere/whomever I like to view my shared items.

Here's the link to my google reader.
Browse it and try building up yr own.

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