Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ahmad, the cabin boy at Komodo~

It all started when I received in my google reader the link to Carl Dalio' s video on "How to Paint Cloud-filled Skies" …it was mesmerizing.
At first I was pondering if I could get Andrea to buy me a similar sized palette and then it got me thinking of how to paint a composition that has a sky horizon .

I found inspirations from one of my own Picasa albums , a shot of Ahmad that I took during our year end 2009 dive trip to Komodo Island…..
I had selected it to be the cover of yet another coffee table book (yet to be printed) to remember our escapade to Cabo da Flores ….
As I gazed at it, I immediately knew that I had to attempt to watercolor the photo of Ahmad too!

I quickly drew some outlines on the first piece of cold press art paper that Andrea gave me.
I made Ahmad bigger than life, the focal point of my painting.

Then I somehow lacked the confidence to finish the water color and actually put away all the sketches for nearly a fortnight.

Last Sunday, I had put up all the preparations and organized my work table but somehow the timing wasnt right, the sun was too hot, my workload was too messy…I didnt have the mood for portraiture, I drew my lotus and frangipanis instead.

This evening while waiting for hubby to come back from his game of golf at 7pm…he was late…..
On a spur of spontaniety I decided to attempt the "project" and just I had started, D came back and I could barely concentrate on dinner ....
One thing about watercolor , to me somehow it all must be done rather quickly or the watermarks set in.
Or was I just being me? After all when I decide to do something, somehow I must complete the job in one sitting….and sevenish is a lovely time to do painting, oh yea!
so here IT is~

7" x 11.5 "
watercolor on cold press
Title : A penny for his thoughts

It feels so good to put a title , description and my name to the first solo attempt on my own piece of watercolor….aaaaah

its a wonderful world

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