Saturday, October 6, 2012

this is just for FUn ~ my first Blurb Book

book cover by michelle's blue planet
book cover, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.
my first ebook "when there's a dream"  the link to preview my art journal at Blurb

the sypnosis of whats inside:

This is michelle's compilation of the happy moments spent in search of artful inspirations that often made her lose track of time....
It matters little to her that the sketches or drawings are so random, ah maybe even come across as self indulgent.....
but it matters much to her that the pleasures experienced during the creative process was akin to the joys of first love, of simple satisfactions, maybe even a tad akin to feelings of illicit sinful unpermitted unions.
Life is like coffee~
There's so many flavors to choose from.....
enjoy. have fun. be happy like a child.
michelle and her first art journal.... "when there's a dream" is like peeking into her private love affair!
Filled with experiments, filled with variety and always done with love.

hahahaha, a work in progress because Im still finding where else Blurb can pull long forgotten images of works I've stashed online all over cyberland...…

saves me alot of work thats for sure.

very interesting weekend indeed!

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