Friday, October 5, 2012

G= gee golf goody GREAT ? via Bamboo Paper ~ michellechoongkhoo

finally I found the app that marries the best of all that I normally used !
-now i can attach photo reference on the same page to work on the sketch.
-The tools incl stroke size slim medium broad with fill in colors also slim medium broad!
-the colors of 8 is good enough for most uses!
- I can collage a mix of photos w drawing
or doodles!

oooops did I add more apps?
Do I know that my list of time wasters keeps on growing and growing and growing…..Seriously?
Awwww, But they are so irresistable and so much FUN~

What can a girl do?

mmmmmmm as a sucker who's forever looking on the positive side of things ….heh heh  Im just gonna say there's more than one good thing about the situation  ~
For starters, All these time wasters are totally free!!!!!!
For seconds, they keep the brain cells working because one has to figure out how to work the new stuff :)
and thirdly, it makes great cool art stuff!

Wheeeeee..... definitely G is for GREAT, love it , wide wide smiles…..
here's signing off quickly so that I can go back to working the apps on my beloved ipad :D

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