Sunday, October 21, 2012

A to Zeeeee inspirations on ipad~ michellesblueplanet

this "oh oh " piece was inspired rather absentmindedly while doodling and fretting over how Elmo , our beagle would react to new voiceless friend ...

Corkie…pitiful baby, 

the debarked and abandoned 8 years old Corgi ,

whom our vet insisted we should take home and give the poor chap a chance for some happiness...

Legally , vet is now at liberty to give Pavarotti ( our newly chosen name ) away after owner has refused to answer all calls or made any payments for its medical bills for a full one calendar year!!!

Just want to state clearly here that it was not this vet who devoiced poor Pavarotti in the first place…..
his owner brought him in for hostel bedding on reasons that they were traveling and then never bothered to come back for him on the sick logic , they have decided to migrate overseas!!!

Hubby and I are both ill prepared to accept another dog after Maxine's recent demise and truth be told we are quite fearful of small toy dogs for their fragility and high maintenance! 

I have always adored GSDs for their boisterous personality, strength and robust physical frames, much suitable for our preferred outdoorsy rough tumble adventure lifestyle……and our Dexter, Max, Roxy, Maxine brought us many many years of unquantifiable joys ~

I have always stayed away from tiny breeds that are like babies in my mind.

Elmo was our first small breed dog adoption (take over) from sons and true enough, he prove  our original fears to be true.
Since his 2nd year birthday diagnosed as epileptic; his care became a journey of frustrations over medications and finding out what triggers the stress levels that brings on the seizures , what food to abstain (in the end it was everything except his Country Farm dog food) , from cutting back uncontrolled excitement and most recently to restricting exercises only on treadmills etc etc. 

Finally we thought we can see some light at the end of the tunnel for Elmo's battle against his epilepsy 
episodes.....It has been 3 months since Elmo's last seizure.

Are we ready to now take on another old dog, prone to urinary infection, weak hind legs with a history of diarrhoea on top of being voiceless? 
In the end, after some discussions with sons, Cita the primary care taker of the household dogs and honestly how can one walk away from eyes that were luminous, following our every step wordlessly and appealingly? 

would break everyone's hearts if the new friendship between Elmo and Pavarotti didnt take off …… and we have to return him to the vet….

After one night together… after a short while of pouting , sulking and a show of abit of jealousy, Elmo turns out to have a big big heart after all :)
We have faith and a strong feeling , outcome will be positive w happiness, tranquility restored.

only setback from this episode is a high anticipation that I will get slightly distracted for the coming weeks ahead ….the already much delayed "A to Zee Alphabet on ipad Project"….. is guaranteed to be further postponed ;)

Oh well, I've  gotten to " O" ...... and hahaha it's not as if I have any deadlines to meet? 


Everything happens for a reason, even if it’s not obvious at the time.

Since Karma brought Pavarotti to us…..thus we shall accept the challenge of his coming into our life and God willing, we shall be able to adjust accordingly ~

Do not struggle.
Go with the flow of things,
And you will find yourself at one with
The mysterious unity of the Universe. ♥


to keep myself abreast and ontrack, I decided to upload my works so far onto picasa just in case my mac crashes again…..HD is looking critically compromised with less than 12GB free space available, ooooops…

1.  michellesblueplanet alphabets project on picasa

2. the work in progress of my ebook "when there's a dream" 

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