Thursday, October 4, 2012

f is for free!

f is for free! by michelle's blue planet
f is for free!, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.
don't u think technology is so swell?
base sketch done on paperby53,
tried some coloring by spray paint,
got bored by white n tried reverse image by fotolr
n last but not least collages done via QQ image HD~
awesome day indeed, feeling good,
but alas ooops....
now I hv to go do what brings in the bacon ;;)

at the snails pace I am going , wwwwwooooooo its gonna take a longish while to get to the end of all the alphabets?
oh well, I guess thats good too because then I have many things to occupy me and helps me find the creative buzz ?
after which theres the numerics, the sign language, braile alphabets .......

ahem practice makes perfect , right?

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