Tuesday, October 16, 2012

lovely Tuesday

lovely Tuesday by michelle's blue planet
lovely Tuesday, a photo by michelle's blue planet on Flickr.

is it too early to design our own xmas n New Year greeting cards, hahahhaa what do u think?
this ipad app I found first got me abit stumped!
it kept hanging the system n disappearing before I could save my work!
then when I thought I would be smart abt it by saving every other 3 steps of rendering different pen or brush strokes, what I ended up saving were blank white screens?
I almost wanted to bang my ipad in frustrations !

so I decided to slow my experiments down n then it all started to gel together , smile!
Turned out I was working too feverish fast for the system to process...
anyway, at last I think I've finally ironed out the kinks of how to process most of the features available from this new ipad app....

I can't help wishing if only they have add text feature tho !
but oooops aiiii free stuff...
one shouldn't and can't b"'""" too much I reckon ?

so here's my version of "lovely Tuesday" via My Brushes Ink with text added via fotolr ~
cool apps, both of them @@

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