Thursday, October 11, 2012

michellesblueplanet ipad sketches~ for art attack moments on the go

meow how do u do?i may be fat but I am much loved <3 hee heewooooof , great morning?~best friends~happy easter sunday, what a lovely morning it is!giddyup
lazy morning....serial pool bumwheeeeeeeewhooosh....time fliesf is for free!having fun with my ABCs
G is for gee , golf , goody , GREAT ?helloImage

ipad sketches, a set on Flickr.
thats the nicest thing about living in this era.
Technology available at our disposal.

Nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it...
Gotta salute all the talented developers out there who make it all possible so far.....
am loving:
Paper by 53
Bamboo Paper by Wacom
Glow Draw
Draw Free

too many links here but if you so desire to experiment too, they are easily found once you go to itunes store and search and hahaha the magic is they are all FREE of charge.

Should anyone need tips on how to navigate them, I am more than willing to share too, just drop me a liner~

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