Thursday, October 18, 2012

decisions decisions DECISIONS made easier with ipad technology~michellechoongkhoo

Drawing on my ipad gives a different kind of satisfaction from watercoloring with paints on real art paper……
It is certainly not less, in many ways not more…..since both ways give me inner joy and stimulus .

Aaaah, who wouldnt wish for the luxury of time to not do anything else except explore art in any form and medium from the moment I awake till I go to bed…..

alas, since thats not always possible, these days therefore I find much energy is spent on my ipad….

  • because it is less messy and it is available for instant gratifications when itchy fingers get art attacks :)
  • Not forgetting that we must save la every part of our works of fancy please  …..then later we can manipulate them around to help us decide on composition and final output.
  • for eg I couldnt make up my mind how to present latest work Michelleblueplanet News , smile……..
  • luckily because I had saved almost every file whenever I made changes in strokes or color, I found it was so easy to try different scenarios without impacting my stage of work so far. I kept thinking, wow….this would have NOT been possible in the traditional mediums yea? 
  • Well,  I thought maybe someone else who is often faced with such a conundrum would find some insight if I show the steps below how my ipad helped me decide on my final piece? 
  • Art is about sharing, about making us think, stuff that touches our soul…..yea, but it doesnt hurt if sometimes, we find some tips on how to short cut our learning process, right?  so here goes…...


If its of no use for anyone but myself, oh well ….
Its useful definitely for my own memories and for my ebook compilation….
big big smiles~

If you think it may provide insight and be of some help for you should you likewise be going through an experimental stage of exploring art through your ipad,  hope you all have fun browsing through yea ~  

  •                   1. just trying some strokes on colored background with DRAW FREE

  • created with a mix of strokes via MY BRUSHES INK and SPRAY PAINT       

  • found more mojo using BAMBOO PAPER     

  • really fancied their versatility with fonts types and placements
  • couldnt bear to discard all the previous experimental sketches and wanted to use them all in the final poster…..but …..
  • Nah, tooooo too cluttered and Busy, made my message seemed less impactful

  • in iphoto mode, tried to see if final output will look better in Black n White…..

  • I think this is the right balance,  I am HAPPY with this final decision~
  • Feeling blessed for technology…..

    Hip Hip Hurray 


What do you think?
Did I make the right decision?

Who knows if I will change my mind tomorrow or the next month…..

whatever it is,,,,,,,
ain't it just awesome that with digital art, we can just play around and all would be possible with just a drag, a pinch or a redo?

flickr link to more michellesblueplanet digital art creations

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