Wednesday, May 5, 2010

make lots of art, make lots of mistakes~learn from the process...

Things that speak to me from artbizblog….
Quotes: Alyson Stanfield :

"FINAL WORD: Get back in the studio and make art. Make lots of art. Make lots of mistakes. Learn from the process ….

1) Make it regular–whether it’s the same time every day, the same number of hours each week, or on the same days of the week. Not a morning person? Then for Pete’s sake, don’t say you’re going to get up early and go to the studio. Schedule your studio time when you are most creative and productive.
I’d love to say that all you need is passion and excitement about your art, but you also must have a healthy dose of discipline to channel that enthusiasm. Don’t believe me? Read Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin. Colvin shows how two people with equal parts talent take very different paths when one of them commits to a deliberate practice. And if you want to see discipline instilled in a lifelong artist, check out The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.
2) Keep it sacred. Don’t let anyone or anything interfere with your studio time. I’ve read about a few artists lately who wouldn’t allow phones in their studios for fear that they could become a distraction. It’s also important to be able to turn down requests and invitations that would take you away from your studio time."

even though for now art is still a hobby and not a career, nevertheless the principles still stand true~ and I hear it loud and clear ;)

and so yesss, I will dedicate every Wednesday to be my art studio day~ to paint and to make art, lots of art, make lots of mistakes and learn from the process….:P
Today I painted my lotuses:

9½" x 11½"
title: Valencia blooms

6½" x 5½"
title: Lotus

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