Thursday, May 6, 2010

capturing the likeness of Elmo~graphite and charcoals

continuing the study of JD Hillberry's book "Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencils"~
FUR : At first glance, drawing fur looks intimidating….

Elmo's cutie pie face has been staring at me from my desktop wallpaper for months now….each time I see it, I wanted to draw him .
but somehow I kept proscastinating because I wanted to draw my darling well and I didnt hv the confidence yet ~

Today, as I walked into my room and saw the beautiful filing cabinet that my carpentar has made for me…..which was despite my designer's doubts that the contrasting veneers I selected might work ….tho' I was quietly adamant that I wanted it done the way I envisoned it and I trusted my eye. Looking at my beautiful cabinet sitting in my master bedroom looking so beautiful was a great feeling~

That confidence of being proven right and perhaps partly also the effects of the caffein from the iced Kemaman coffee that I drank during "yum cha" (Cantonese word for drinking tea) with the girls after lessons and shopping ~ made me decide today to plunge headlong to sketch Elmo.
Preparing the table and art supplies…...

Dont you think Elmo looks absolutely handsome in his photos?
Now u see why I absolutely must attempt to capture his likeness?

partial work done , took a break for dinner

5½" x 8¼", graphite n charcoals
160gsm, acid free cartridge paper
title: ELMO

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