Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The story behind my portrait of the girl by the candlelight~michellechoongkhoo

It all started with this video by Jean Pederson on how she add layers n using dry brush technique to "lift " paint off to demonstrate the most dramatic eyes in watercolor I hv ever ever seen.

WOW….WOW…WOW isnt it?

And so the quest started for me to find a suitable image that I can practise on….
I found this photo of a very mesmerizing girl in red with the play of light from the candle~

I only realized how much I adore doing portraiture after completing the above painting.

I also discovered , much to my surprise that I do have the patiance after all, to continually work on one single piece of art, examining each layer's work, poring over the nitty gritty details again and again and yet again!
I almost didnt want to stop rendering and editing, re-editing.

The whole process took 4 days, in between waiting for it to dry, adding, taking away shades, rubbing out, fine tuning the eyes , the skin tones, the hair….I could not believe that the tedious process did not even deter me, on the contrary it inspired me.
I even found it artistically challenging~ spurs me to push myself…hahaha

I also found that it is so true that in watercoloring, one only needs the 3 primary colors to create subtle shades of almost any other possibilities of colors.

And I am beginning to realize that I do have favourite colors after all….permanent rose, cadmium yellow, raw umber, teal and cobalt blue are a must have staple colors in my palette now.

Today, an ex-colleague asked why there is any need to do research online when I am already attending art tuition ….

Aaaah, my dear Teresa…
because there is such a vast world of art genres out there to learn from...
because there so many techniques available to experiment with once we found out about them ….
because there is unlimited unimaginable new stuff that varous other artists have done and are generously sharing online...
because I am in search of artful expressions…in a hurry to reconnect with my inner artistic soul…and I cant sit still twiddling my thumbs what to paint only once a week…

plus because it is so much fun and I experience eye opening joy to stumble across new refreshing perceptions, new refreshing ideas~~~~~~~>>>

Lastly because I wouldnt have discovered that I could do portraiture if I had not chanced upon Jean Pederson's video and admire Harold Edward Brooks art pieces~
so with a wide smile, dear dear Teresa….I browse alot online for art inspirations all the time ;D

Life is simple, Life is Good
its a wonderful world

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