Friday, May 14, 2010

~ choice of paper , do matter in watercoloring ~

In the mood for painting and in a hurry to create, I grabbed whatever paper on hand and tried some watercolor glazing for 2 sunset sceneries as captured from outside Jon's bedroom window ~

Full of optimism, I even contemplated doing 2 pieces of art simultaneously because I thought it shld be no big deal since they were of similar compositions !
Aaaah, the confidence and folly of a novice's naivety~

once I applied the first glaze~oops, the paper almost immediately started to buckle with uneven patches of wetness….checking the grammage to be only 160gsm….
I knew something was wrong~

Nevertheless I decided to continue with the art attempts ~

No prizes to guess that IT turned out to be a huge mistake ….. disastrous aaargh….
2 hours of hard work gone down the gutters, not to mention 2 pieces of work ruined all in one go +_+

1. this painting below almost gave me a hole for a sun when removing the masking tape

2. this painting below which is what I liked more out of the two attempted alas tore when removing it from the mounting board for photography

yes, pursuing water color art is a long journey of learning in progress….
choice of paper do matter alot….my Eureka moment!

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