Friday, May 28, 2010

Fascination eyes ~

The Delsey ad with its model in dramatic black against a bold red background inspired me to try this composition:

a huge ad in lightedbox with admirers looking on~

The concept was for the model to be in black and white and his eyes to be the focal point ~ preferably in amber like those of a leopard's!

The initial was nice but wasnt arrestingly bold….so I added more burnt sienna with a tad of lemon yellow but it clashed with the model's skin tone~
In the end, I had to wash off the eyebrows and tone down the brown shades to stay more true to shades of payne's grey.

And I find that it helps to emphasize the iris by drawing lines with 4H or F graphites…likewise for the eyebrows!

My model's face was finally done after 4 days of tweaking and re-tweaking…..which as my art teacher Ms Shia notes is my main problem, I tend to over cook my watercolors…..

But actually I'm happy with the effect of my main subject being very very dramatic for this piece! I dont think I would do it any differently if I have to do it again.

In fact, I want to make the back drop even more dynamic bold but I will take Ms Shia's advise to let my foreground audience be very muted by attempting faint vague outlines. ;D

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