Sunday, May 27, 2012

some mediums take time to warm up to~ michellechoongkhoo

i found a box of my oil paints in the carryon easel box in the store room today!

 oh noooooo, the oil paints have been neglected for so long , the covers of some tubes were twisted off due to dried up paint :(

 i also found a whole box of stretched canvases ...…

 Therefore confronted with those,  I tried to summon mojo to get some art out to good use !

 Its quite nice to mix the palette and then prepare the outlines of what I had set out in my mind a detailed oil painting of Tiger……
But after getting this first undercoat done …..I am reminded of how tedious and taxing on one's nerves it can be ..... waiting ...... waiting for the layers to dry !
Morever as I clean my palette and brushes with turpentine…..sigh, I realized why it was that made me put all those oil tubes and blank canvases in the store room for so long~

I guess some mediums need time to warm up to ……
We'll see how next weekend goes :P

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