Saturday, May 5, 2012

inspired by Diyana ~ michellechoongkhoo

Woke up this morning inspired to dig out all my brushes and watercolor gears, thanks to a sweet girl Diyana who wrote me a nice follow up email to inform me she read my blog and decided to sign up for art classes!
I sure hope she finds her art journey as enjoyable and gain self discovery akin to love affair with water coloring like I did <3

I am just imagining a pure sweet young graphic student as I painted this today …..and I shall name her Diyana, for if not for her email…..truly I must say I may have neglected my brushes for far too long~
Watercoloring is always painstakingly slow but it is pleasurably fluid as one waits for the paint to dry before proceeding to the next.
I almost forgot how much joy it can be…..something that cant be replicated with the doodlings done on ipad, I must admit!

What a lovely Vesak Day it is …..

300gsm cold pressed acid paper, 

Not quite done but I think it is definitely coming along well~
hope you like this Diyana

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