Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Study of Proportions with William L Maughan~ michellechoongkhoo

Very interesting and after checking it out…….oooooh, it does compute….heh heh heh

My understanding of his writings on pgs 60-64 as summarized:
1. placement of the eye is ½ way measurement from top of head to chin
2. the distance from chin to bottom of nose, distance from nose to brow, distance from brow to hairline are all equally spaced 1/3rd of the face

armed with that guideline…..I just had to draw a profile of eddie reading his newspapers….not sure he liked my faithful renditions of all his lines but hahahaha he wouldnt know anyway that the photo is based on him ~

For trying to get the facial anatomical proportions right is one thing, getting the realism correct,,,,,hahahahaha, now that is entirely another long journey ….

" ……Often it has been noted that the more a person does a particular task, the easier that task becomes. This is not because the task becomes any less difficult but because the person's ability to do more increases……" William L Maughan in his book THE ARTIST'S COMPLETE GUIDE TO DRAWING THE HEAD on chapter putting it all together, pg 121

So I will drink to that cheerful optimistic advise~ and plod along into the 2nd month of my 2011 Project……still going strong, hee hee

Happy City Day to KLites and Malaysians…..

next is to study anatomical proportions of nudes….daddy darling, dont worry I wont attempt frontal shots….too shy for that, hahahahahah

here is where I had some fun fooling around with a dear fren Poh Ai's funny FB photo shot where supposedly her darling Hugo was the star….but as she pointed out, I certainly didnt draw Hugo at all well…..
I mean dont blame me, who can when there is this perfect tush buttock to focus on ?

a prelude of new found joyful adventure to discover over the chinese new year….heh heh heh

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